Hiking Sun Gloves

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Protect your hands from the sun with our Hiking Sun Gloves. Featuring breathable mesh, touchscreen compatibility, and padded knuckle protection, these gloves are perfect for outdoor adventures.

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Stay cool and protected on your outdoor adventures with our Hiking Sun Gloves. Designed to provide maximum comfort and protection, these gloves are perfect for hiking, motorcycling, and other outdoor activities in sunny conditions. Constructed with thin, breathable mesh fabric, they ensure excellent ventilation, keeping your hands cool and sweat-free even during the most intense activities.

The hiking sun gloves feature vent holes that enhance airflow, further reducing heat buildup and ensuring your hands stay dry and comfortable. This makes them ideal for long hikes, motorbike rides, or any outdoor sport where sun exposure is a concern. The gloves also come with padded knuckle protection, providing an extra layer of safety and cushioning against impacts and abrasions, allowing you to tackle rugged trails and rough terrains with confidence.

One of the standout features of these gloves is their touchscreen compatibility. The specially designed fingertips allow you to use your smartphone, GPS, or other touchscreen devices without removing your gloves, ensuring you stay connected and navigate easily while on the move. This feature is especially useful for outdoor enthusiasts who need to access maps, take photos, or make calls without the hassle of constantly taking off their gloves.


  1. Material: Thin, breathable mesh fabric for maximum ventilation.
  2. Ventilation: Vent holes to enhance airflow and reduce heat buildup.
  3. Touchscreen Compatibility: Fingertips designed for seamless use with smartphones, GPS devices, and other touchscreens.
  4. Protection: Padded knuckle protection for cushioning against impacts and abrasions.
  5. Design: Unisex design suitable for both men and women.
  6. Fit: Snug fit with adjustable wrist closures for a secure and customized fit.
  7. Versatility: Ideal for hiking, motorcycling, and other outdoor activities in sunny conditions.
  8. Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to accommodate different hand sizes.
  9. Colors: Black, Green
  10. Durability: Constructed to withstand rugged outdoor conditions and frequent use.
  11. Weight: Lightweight construction for comfort during prolonged wear.
  12. Grip: Non-slip design for enhanced control and stability.

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Black, Green


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