Welcome to Advntur, your ultimate destination for hiking, wandering, and embracing the wonders of nature. Our editorial guidelines outline the principles and practices that guide our content creation, ensuring that we provide you with reliable, engaging, and authentic information.

Our Focus

Advntur is dedicated to delivering in-depth reporting, analysis, and inspiration related to hiking and the great outdoors.

Reporting Standards

  • When dealing with potentially sensitive information, we seek comments to ensure fair representation.
  • In the event of new information, we promptly update existing stories or add new ones as needed.
  • Corrections are made and published if errors are identified in our work.
  • Individuals mentioned in our stories are offered a right of reply to address any concerns or provide additional insights.
  • Information received from sources is verified before publication, and the anonymity of our sources is protected.
  • Proper credit is given when reporting on information revealed by other publications, with prominent links to the original work.

Professional Relationships

  • We maintain professional conduct when interacting with nature enthusiasts, organizations, and anyone involved in the hiking community.
  • Agreements, such as embargoes or nondisclosure agreements, are undertaken only if they align with the integrity of our work.
  • In the face of challenges, such as blacklisting, we uphold our commitment to high reporting standards.
  • We refrain from publicizing incidents that could compromise individual creators or their work unless there is a strong editorial imperative.

Gifts and Promotional Items

  • We do not accept promotional items or gifts from external entities. Items received without prior request may be sold, given away, or donated.
  • Staff and contributors are prohibited from conducting “mock reviews” or providing paid consultancy to those within the hiking community.

Advertising & Commercial Activities

  • Our editorial and advertising departments are distinct, ensuring that content decisions are independent of commercial considerations.
  • Advertisements are screened for appropriateness, and offensive content is promptly removed.
  • Affiliate links to retailers (e.g., Amazon) may appear in relevant articles but do not influence editorial decisions.

Ownership and Disclosure

  • Advntur is owned by NicheLink. Any coverage related to activities operated by our parent company will be disclosed, ensuring transparency.
  • Staff members are familiar with and adhere to these editorial guidelines, collectively standing by our commitment to integrity.

At Advntur, we are dedicated to providing you with content that inspires, informs, and celebrates the beauty of hiking and the great outdoors. If you ever feel that we fall short of these standards, please reach out to us. Your feedback is valuable in our continuous journey of exploration and storytelling.