Hiking Sticks Collapsible

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Conquer trails with ease using our Collapsible Hiking Sticks. Made from aviation carbon fiber, these lightweight poles feature a straight grip handle and five-section joints for optimal performance on any terrain.

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Prepare for your next outdoor adventure with our Collapsible Hiking Sticks, designed to enhance stability and support while trekking through rugged terrain. Crafted from aviation carbon fiber, these poles are not only durable but also incredibly lightweight, making them ideal companions for long hikes or backpacking trips.

Equipped with a straight grip handle made from EVA material, these hiking sticks offer a comfortable and secure hold, allowing you to maintain balance and control with ease.

The carbon tungsten steel tip ensures reliable traction on various surfaces, while the removable polyester wristband adds convenience and security during use.

For added versatility, our collapsible hiking sticks fold down to a compact size, easily fitting into your backpack or luggage when not in use. Available in two options – short and long – with folded lengths of 35cm and 38cm respectively, and adjustable lengths ranging from 110cm to 115cm or 115cm to 135cm, these poles are suitable for hikers of all heights and preferences.

Each package includes two trekking poles, a walking sticks bag, mud care accessories, and additional feet for extended use. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or new to hiking, our collapsible hiking sticks are the perfect companion for exploring nature and conquering new trails. Gear up for your next adventure and experience the ultimate in comfort, stability, and performance with our premium hiking sticks.


  1. Handle: Straight grip handle made from EVA material
  2. Material: Aviation carbon fiber
  3. Joint Numbers: 5 sections for adjustable length
  4. Diameter of Pipe: 16/14/14mm
  5. Tip of Stick Material: Carbon tungsten steel for durability and traction
  6. Removable Wristband: Made from polyester for added security
  7. Folded Length:
    • Short: 35cm
    • Long: 38cm
  8. Extended Length:
    • Short: 110-115cm
    • Long: 115-135cm
  9. Weight: Approximately 220g/piece (Short) and 240g/piece (Long)
  10. Package includes: 2 trekking poles, walking sticks bag, mud care accessories, and additional feet for extended use.

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