Hiking Canes

62,24 $

Elevate your hiking experience with our durable and portable Hiking Canes. Available in five stylish colors, each pair comes with essential accessories for your outdoor adventures.


Experience unparalleled support and convenience on your hiking journeys with our Hiking Canes. Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, these canes offer durability and strength without compromising on weight, ensuring you can trek with ease.

With a storage length of 65cm and an extended length of 135cm, these canes are easily portable yet provide ample support when unfolded.

Each package includes essential accessories such as a cloth bag, eight buckles, rounded corner sets, small and large snow mops, and footwear covers, ensuring you’re fully equipped for any adventure. Whether you’re navigating rugged terrain or exploring snowy landscapes, our Hiking Canes are your reliable companions for every outdoor excursion.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to leisurely hikes with our premium Hiking Canes !


  1. Material: Aviation-grade aluminum alloy for durability and lightweight portability.
  2. Storage Length: 65cm
  3. Maximum Unfolded Length: 135cm
  4. Package Includes:
    • Hiking poles: 2
    • Cloth bag: 1
    • Eight buckles: 2
    • Rounded corner set: 6
    • Small snow mop: 2
    • Large snow mop: 2
    • Footwear cover: 2
  5. Weight: 0.73kg
  6. Durability: Sturdy construction for reliable support on various terrains.
  7. Portability: Easy to carry and transport for hiking and outdoor activities.
  8. Accessories: Includes multiple accessories to enhance outdoor adventures and leisure.


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