Under Armour Hiking Boots: Your Trail-Ready Guide 2024

When we hit the trails, we all look for footwear that can keep up with the demanding terrain and Under Armour hiking boots are designed to do just that. Our hikes often lead us through unpredictable conditions, and having boots that are equipped to handle rocky paths, slippery slopes, and unexpected weather makes all the difference. Under Armour has developed a line of hiking boots that aim to provide not only the necessary traction and durability but also a level of comfort that can keep us moving for miles.

A pair of Under Armour hiking boots sits on a rugged trail, surrounded by rocks, dirt, and foliage

Their offering ranges from low-cut hiking sneakers ideal for casual treks to rugged, over-the-ankle waterproof hiking boots made for those of us who venture off the beaten path. Each pair is crafted with the intention of maximizing performance without sacrificing style or function. Durability is a key aspect, with some models featuring reinforced exteriors and GORE-TEX waterproofing, which means we can forge ahead through streams and mud with confidence that our feet will stay dry.

As we lace up for our next outdoor adventure, whether it’s a gentle hike or an intense trail run, the right pair of boots is crucial. Under Armour’s variety of hiking footwear means there’s likely a perfect fit for our individual needs, ensuring that we can focus on the journey ahead and conquer whatever the trail throws at us.

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Brand Overview

We’re here to explore the steadfast journey of Under Armour, a brand that made a lasting mark on the world of athletic gear, especially with their Under Armour hiking boots. Let’s dive into their legacy and innovative strides in footwear.

Under Armour History

Under Armour began its journey in 1996 with a simple plan to make a superior T-shirt. A shirt that provided compression and wicked perspiration off your skin rather than absorb it. A shirt that worked with your body to regulate temperature and enhance performance. Founded by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank, Under Armour has grown into a global brand renowned for its innovative sports apparel, including hiking boots that cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Founded: 1996
  • Founder: Kevin Plank
  • Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Innovation in Footwear

The innovation that Under Armour brought to footwear is epitomized in their proprietary technology, like the UA HOVR™. This innovation provides a ‘zero gravity feel’ to maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact. In the world of hiking boots, this technology has been employed to ensure that every step taken on the trail is cushioned and efficient, allowing hikers to go longer distances with less fatigue.

  • UA HOVR™: Cushioning system designed to deliver maximum comfort and energy return.
  • Footwear Focus: Trail and hiking boots engineered with durability and support in mind.

The release of Under Armour hiking boots showcases the brand’s commitment to outfitting hikers with gear that’s not only functional but is also equipped with the latest technology to enhance their outdoor experience.

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Hiking Boot Features

A pair of Underarmour hiking boots on a rugged trail, surrounded by rocks and trees, with water-resistant material and durable rubber soles

When we’re out on the trails, the features of our Under Armour hiking boots can make or break the experience. Let’s dive into what makes these boots stand out in terms of traction, materials, and water resistance.

Traction and Stability

With every step we take, we rely heavily on the traction our hiking boots provide. A boot’s grip is essential when tackling diverse terrains, from loose gravel to slick mud. Under Armour hiking boots are often engineered with deep lugs and high-traction rubber outsoles to offer superior stability. This prevents slippage and ensures that we maintain our footing, no matter the trail conditions.

Materials and Durability

The materials chosen for hiking boots contribute greatly to their longevity and performance. Our Under Armour hiking boots merge durability with comfort, using materials like leather, textile, and synthetics that withstand the wear and tear of the trail but also keep our feet protected and comfortable. Reinforced toe caps and heel counters add another layer of protection and durability, giving us the confidence to take on rough paths without hesitation.

Water Resistance

When we encounter streams or sudden downpours, water resistance is a feature we can’t overlook. Under Armour hiking boots often incorporate waterproof materials or membranes to keep our feet dry. These materials, such as Gore-Tex or the brand’s own proprietary technology, ensure that water stays out without sacrificing breathability, because there’s little worse than wet feet on a long trek.

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Hiking Boot Selection

A pair of underarmour hiking boots displayed on a wooden shelf in a well-lit outdoor store

When we’re on the lookout for new hiking gear, the importance of selecting the right Under Armour hiking boots cannot be overstated. Durability, comfort, and proper fit are crucial for any successful hiking adventure.

Choosing the Right Size

Size is paramount. It’s not just about your shoe size; hiking boots should offer a snug fit without cramping your toes. It’s wise to try on boots later in the day since feet can swell from daily activities. Always wear the socks you intend to hike in when trying on boots for the most accurate fit.

Men’s Hiking Boots

Under Armour offers robust options for men’s hiking boots. They feature rugged designs with supportive ankle structures and toe protection that cater to varied terrains. Their soles are constructed to grip, even on the most challenging trails.

Women’s Hiking Boots

For the women’s line, fit and form go hand in hand. Under Armour has designed women’s hiking boots with specific female foot anatomy in mind, ensuring comfort without sacrificing the necessary support for the female hiker. Styles include waterproof options for those unexpected stream crossings or rain showers.

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Hiking Essentials

A pair of Under Armour hiking boots placed on a rocky trail, surrounded by a backpack, water bottle, and map

When we hit the trails, the right gear can make all the difference—especially reliable Under Armour hiking boots.

Apparel for Hiking

Shirts & Tops: For those long trails, moisture-wicking tops help keep us cool and dry. Under Armour offers options like the Men’s UA Tech 2.0 Short Sleeve that are lightweight and breathable, essential features for any hiker.

Shorts & Pants: Shorts are perfect for warm-weather hikes, while durable pants are a necessity for cooler climates. Both should offer flexibility and be made of quick-drying material.

Socks: A good pair of socks is critical. Look for pairs that are specific for hiking; they provide extra cushion and support where we need it most.

Accessories for Hiking

Hats & Gloves: A brimmed hat can shield us from the sun, and gloves are indispensable to protect our hands during those colder hikes or when navigating rough terrain.

Belts: An often-overlooked accessory, a sturdy belt can keep our gear snug and secure, and even offer additional loops or hooks to carry small items.

Hiking gear is an investment in our comfort and safety. With the proper apparel and accessories, including dependable Under Armour hiking boots, we’re well-equipped to tackle any trail with confidence.

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Footwear for Other Activities

A pair of Under Armour hiking boots placed next to a backpack and trekking poles, surrounded by a rugged mountain trail and lush greenery

While our Under Armour hiking boots are designed for the rugged trails, we understand that the outdoors is diverse and so are your footwear needs. Let’s explore the other options Under Armour offers.

Running Shoes for the Trail

Trail Running Shoes: When it comes to hitting the trails, we’ve got running shoes that provide the necessary grip and durability to handle uneven terrain. The Men’s UA Charged Bandit Trail Running Shoes feature a high-traction rubber lug outsole essential for trail surfaces.

Casual Outdoor Footwear

Sandals and Slides: On days when casual comfort is your top priority, we recommend the UA Ignite Slides. They are perfect for quick outings and give your feet the break they deserve post-hike.

User Experience

A hiker navigates rugged terrain in Under Armour hiking boots, surrounded by towering trees and rocky paths

When selecting Under Armour hiking boots, we place a lot of emphasis on user experience. This includes not only the comfort and durability of the boots but also the rewards and benefits that come with being part of the UA community.

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UA Rewards and Benefits

UA Rewards Terms:
We’re part of a group that loves to get the most out of every purchase. By participating in the UA Rewards program, we can earn points for discounts on future purchases, which means our affinity for Under Armour hiking boots can turn into savings down the line.

  • Privacy Policy:

    As we sign up for UA Rewards, our privacy is a top priority. Under Armour’s Privacy Policy carefully outlines how our personal information is collected and used, ensuring we’re informed every step of the way.

  • US and California Privacy Policy:

    For our friends in California, the benefits come with additional layers of privacy. The US and California Privacy Policy gives us specific rights regarding how our information is handled, so we can enjoy our rewards with peace of mind.

Joining the rewards program comes with an understanding that Under Armour values us not only as customers but as members of their larger community. It’s one of the many ways we’re appreciated beyond our initial purchase of hiking boots.

Latest Trends

A pair of Under Armour hiking boots placed on a rugged trail, surrounded by lush greenery and rocky terrain

As we dive into the latest trends, you’ll find that Under Armour hiking boots are stepping up their game with innovative designs in their new arrivals and seasonal collections. Let’s take a closer look at what’s hitting the trails.

New Arrivals in Footwear

  • Innovation: The latest in Under Armour’s footwear technology brings us boots designed for both performance and comfort. Featuring lightweight materials and responsive support, these boots are a game-changer for avid hikers.
  • Style: With sleek designs that fuse functionality with aesthetics, the new arrivals are not just about performance but also about making a statement on the trails.

Seasonal Collections

  • Spring/Summer: Prepare for the warm weather trails with boots that focus on breathability and flexibility. Expect options that balance protection with the right amount of airflow to keep your feet cool.
  • Fall/Winter: As the temperature drops, Under Armour’s seasonal boots emphasize insulation and waterproof features, ensuring a warm and dry experience in wet and cold conditions.

By constantly updating their collections with the latest footwear technologies and style trends, Under Armour ensures every hiker’s needs are met, whether you’re a casual day-tripper or a dedicated mountaineer.

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Under Armour Community

A pair of Under Armour Community hiking boots on a rugged trail

We’ve laced up our Under Armour hiking boots and we’re excited to share how the Under Armour Community strengthens connections through various events and sponsorships that often cater to outdoor enthusiasts and even kids.

Events and Sponsorships

Under Armour hosts and sponsors a range of events that bring people together, fostering a spirit of community and shared passion for the great outdoors. These events range from local 5K runs to challenging trail running competitions. At the heart of these gatherings, Under Armour showcases its latest innovations in hiking footwear, allowing participants to test the durability and comfort of boots designed for a variety of terrains.

For the younger adventurers, Under Armour organizes youth camps and clinics where kids can learn new skills and enjoy the excitement of being active outdoors. These events provide an excellent opportunity for kids to try on their first pair of Under Armour hiking boots and experience the brand’s commitment to quality and performance firsthand.

Gear and Accessories

When we hit the trails with our Under Armour hiking boots, complementing our gear with the right accessories can greatly enhance the hiking experience. Let’s explore the essentials for carrying our supplies and protecting ourselves from the elements.

Bags and Backpacks

Durability and Comfort: Those are the words we live by when choosing our bags. A great hiking trip demands a backpack that can handle the rigors of the outdoors while still being comfortable on our shoulders. Under Armour offers a range of hiking backpacks designed with these exact principles in mind.

  • Water-Resistance: Look for backpacks showcasing a water-resistant finish to keep our belongings dry.
  • Storage: Our selection includes multi-compartment bags to sort gear efficiently.

Caps and Headwear

Protection and Style: A cap isn’t just about looking good; it’s a shield against the sun’s harsh rays. Under Armour’s caps and headwear are designed to provide protection while maintaining a stylish aesthetic that aligns with our Under Armour hiking boots.

  • Built-In Tech: Many hats feature UA’s CoolSwitch coating, which pulls heat away from our skin, keeping us cooler.
  • Adjustability: Ensuring a secure fit means we can focus on the trail ahead without distraction.

Our Favorite Under Armour Hiking Boots

When we’re on the search for reliable hiking boots that won’t let us down on the trail, Under Armour always pops up on our radar. Their boots are known for providing not just protection and durability, but also for the comfort needed on those long treks. Let’s dive into the ones we keep coming back to.

  • Under Armour Men’s Ch1 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot
    Why we love it:

    • 100% Waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
    • Lightweight textile upper with durable synthetic skeleton
    • Dual BOA lacing system for adjustable midfoot support
    • Perfect for those who need extra support during ascents and descents.
  • Under Armour Men’s Micro G Valsetz Mid LWP Hiking Boot
    Standout features:

    • Under Armour’s Micro G foam for a plush, responsive ride
    • Lightweight, durable synthetic leather & textile upper
    • High-traction rubber lug outsole for grip on a variety of surfaces
    • These are great for a comfortable, secure hike.
  • Under Armour Glenrock Mid Boot
    What we appreciate:

    • EVA midsole and OrthoLite sockliner for cushioning
    • Rugged outsole designed for traction and grip
    • Lightweight, protective toe cap and supportive upper
    • A good balance between durability and agility, the Glenrock Mid is a solid choice for varied terrains.

Whether we’re heading out for a quick morning hike or preparing for a weekend in the wild, these Under Armour hiking boots have proven their worth on the trails. They offer the resilience to handle rough terrain with the comfort needed to keep going mile after mile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ve got questions about Under Armour hiking boots, and we’re here to provide the answers you need to make the best choices for your outdoor adventures.

What features do Under Armour hiking boots offer for outdoor activities?

Under Armour hiking boots are engineered with durability and comfort in mind, offering features like robust traction for a secure grip and lightweight materials to enhance mobility on trails.

How do Under Armour hiking boots perform in wet conditions?

Under Armour’s hiking boots often come with waterproof technologies, such as their proprietary UA Storm technology, ensuring your feet stay dry when traversing through wet terrain.

Are there specific models of Under Armour hiking boots designed for women?

Yes, Under Armour designs hiking boots tailored to women’s foot shapes and sizes, providing options with an optimal fit and support for female hikers.

Where can I find deals on Under Armour hiking boots?

Deals on Under Armour hiking boots can be found through major outdoor retailers, online marketplaces, and often on Under Armour’s official website.

Are there Under Armour hiking boots suitable for kids?

Under Armour offers a selection of hiking boots designed for younger adventurers, ensuring kids have the right support and protection for their outdoor explorations.

What are the differences between Under Armour hiking and hunting boots?

Under Armour’s hiking boots focus on agility and comfort for long-distance trekking, whereas their hunting boots are usually more robust, offering additional insulation and camouflage patterns suited for hunters’ needs.

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Under Armour hiking boots are designed for those who demand both performance and comfort on their outdoor excursions. With a focus on innovative technology, these boots often feature durable construction, waterproof materials, and advanced cushioning to support and protect your feet on even the most demanding trails.

If you’ve put a pair of Under Armour hiking boots to the test, your experience is invaluable to our community. We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below. How did the boots hold up in different hiking conditions? Were they comfortable and supportive over long distances? Did the technology like UA Storm waterproofing or the Michelin outsoles make a noticeable difference on your hike? Your insights can help fellow hikers make an informed decision when choosing their next pair of boots. Let’s share our knowledge and help each other gear up for success on the trails!

-Your Advntur-Team 🙂

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