Sourland Mountain Hiking Trail: A Friendly Guide For Adventurers 2024

If you’re seeking a scenic adventure, look no further than the Sourland Mountain hiking trail. We’ve discovered that this stunning trail offers an incredible experience for hikers of all levels. Nestled in the beautiful Sourland Mountain Preserve, it truly is a hidden gem that’s waiting to be explored.

We understand that a well-rounded hiking experience should be more than just a walk through nature; it should provide unique and awe-inspiring moments. The Sourland Mountain hiking trail offers this and more, with its diverse terrain, interesting geological formations, and serene views of the surrounding landscape. So, lace up your hiking boots and join us as we take a virtual journey through one of New Jersey’s best-kept secrets.

About Sourland Mountain

We recently explored the Sourland Mountain hiking trail and we’d love to share our experience with you. This 5.7-mile trail, located in New Jersey’s Sourland Mountain Preserve, is a beautiful and moderately difficult terrain that offers numerous opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

The Sourland Mountain hiking trail features diverse landscapes, such as forests, meadows, and rocky formations. One of the highlights of the hike is the Devil’s Half Acre and Roaring Rocks, where you’ll find boulders and boardwalks that make for a unique outdoor experience. With some rocky sections and minor elevation gain, the trail is perfect for those seeking a bit of a challenge while still being accessible to various activity levels.

In addition to its scenic beauty, the Sourland Mountain Preserve has a rich and fascinating history that spans several hundred million years. The area was only recognized by a few people until fairly recently, but now it has become a beloved destination for outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re a history buff or simply interested in learning more, you might come across information about the region’s geological and cultural past as you explore the trails.

For those who are looking for shorter trails, you’ll also find the 1.4-mile Orange (Maple Flats) trail within the preserve. This shorter option is perfect for families or those who prefer a more relaxed excursion.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or simply looking for a tranquil escape from the city, the Sourland Mountain hiking trail offers something for everyone. Be sure to bring your camera to capture memories of this picturesque and lesser-known gem in New Jersey.

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Trail Features

Sourland Mountain hiking trail offers a wonderful way to explore the charming woodland and the vast array of natural landscapes found in the Sourland Mountain Preserve. In this section, we will discuss the main features of the trail that makes it an enjoyable and exciting journey for hikers of all experience levels.

The Sourland Mountain hiking trail features a gentle climb to the top of Sourland Mountain, providing hikers with breathtaking views of the surrounding woodlands. While making your way up, you’ll come across two large boulder fields, namely Devil’s Half Acre and Roaring Rocks. These boulder fields are not only picturesque but also offer a unique, challenging, and fun hiking experience.

Another remarkable feature of the Sourland Mountain trail is the presence of boardwalks. These well-constructed boardwalks span over wetland areas of the preserve, allowing hikers to traverse marshy sections without disturbing the delicate ecosystems.

The Sourland Mountain hiking trail is also known for its diverse flora and fauna. As you make your way through the enchanting woodland, you may encounter various species of birds, amphibians, and mammals, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

In addition to hiking, the Sourland Mountain Preserve offers other activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, and bouldering for visitors seeking more variety or a more adventurous experience.

All in all, the Sourland Mountain hiking trail provides hikers with a delightful blend of natural landscapes, unique geologic features, and abundant wildlife, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling outdoor adventure.

Solo hiker walking on a trail while the sun is shining between the trees into the forest

Types of Trails

We are excited to introduce you to the beautiful Sourland Mountain hiking trail, which offers a variety of trails for all skill levels. In this section, let’s explore the different types of trails you can enjoy at this scenic destination.

One popular route is the Devil’s Half-Acre, Ridge, and Tributary Trail Loop, a 5.6-mile trail with an estimated completion time of 2 hours and 13 minutes. This trail features a gentle climb to the top of Sourland Mountain, offering stunning views of woodlands and two large boulder fields. On this path, make sure to follow the white square blazes until you reach the Roaring Brook Trail, marked by red circle blazes, to make the most out of your hike.

For a shorter and more accessible option, the park also offers the Maple Flats Trail, which is only 1.4 miles long. This trail is perfect for beginners or those looking for a shorter hike with similar natural beauty.

Sourland Mountain Preserve is also home to a number of other trails, each with its own unique features and experiences. Some trails might offer more challenging terrain for experienced hikers, while others provide a more leisurely and tranquil walk through the woods. Bold boulders and diverse plant life are a common sight, ensuring hikers find something new and interesting at every turn.

Apart from hiking, Sourland Mountain Preserve also allows other activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, and bouldering. So, regardless of your preferred way to enjoy nature, there’s likely a trail to suit your interests and abilities at this beautiful preserve. We hope you have a fantastic time exploring the various paths and discovering the wonders of Sourland Mountain hiking trail!

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Trail Rules and Guidelines

As we explore the beautiful Sourland Mountain hiking trail, it’s essential to be aware of the trail rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

When hiking, always stay on designated trails. This helps protect both the environment and the wildlife that calls the area home. It’s crucial for both preserving the ecosystem and preventing erosion on the mountain.

On the Sourland Mountain hiking trail, mountain biking and horseback riding are also allowed, so be prepared to share the path with others. When encountering fellow bikers or equestrians, yield the right of way by stepping to the side and allowing them to pass safely. Remember that communication is key, so be friendly and clearly indicate your intentions to others on the trail.

It’s essential to practice the Leave No Trace principles while visiting the Sourland Mountain hiking trail. This means:

  • Dispose of all trash, including food waste, properly.
  • Avoid picking flowers, plants, or rocks, leaving everything in its natural state.
  • Keep your pets on leashes and clean up after them.
  • Do not disturb wildlife or attempt to feed them.

Lastly, if you’re planning a solo hike, make sure to inform someone of your plans and anticipated return time. This simple step can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency. We encourage everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Sourland Mountain hiking trail while respecting the rules and guidelines in place to protect both visitors and this amazing natural treasure.

A few hikers between rocks walking a trail in a forest


The Sourland Mountain Hiking Trail offers a fantastic opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in nature and appreciate the diverse wildlife present in New Jersey’s Sourland Mountain Preserve. The preserve is home to a variety of wildlife species, including black bears, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and white-tailed deer.

Aside from mammals, the preserve is also an important bird area with over 90 species of birds recorded, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. As we hike through the trail, we may catch a glimpse of various birds such as woodpeckers, warblers, or even the occasional raptor.

The diverse flora in the preserve is also an essential aspect of the thriving ecosystem. While exploring the trail, we’ll come across unique plants such as ferns, wildflowers, and various types of trees. These plants not only provide habitat for the wildlife but also make the hiking experience more visually appealing.

Remember to always be respectful of the wildlife while hiking the Sourland Mountain Trail. By observing from a distance, keeping noise levels down, and not feeding the animals, we can ensure their safety and well-being, as well as our own.


We can’t help but admire the breathtaking flora that surrounds the Sourland Mountain hiking trail. This woodland paradise is home to a diverse range of plant species that thrive in the region, providing hikers a wonderful opportunity to witness the natural splendor during their journey.

The Sourland Mountain Preserve is dominated primarily by deciduous forests composed of various species of oak, maple, and beech trees. As we hike along the trail, we might also come across some rare plants, such as the Sourland spurge and the Virginia saxifrage. These unique species add to the vibrant tapestry of the lovely Sourland Mountain terrain.

Another aspect of the preserve’s flora that particularly stands out is the display of fascinating ferns and mosses. The shaded, moist environment of the forest floor provides an ideal habitat for these living wonders. One can’t help but be in awe of the delicate, yet resilient nature of these plants as they gracefully adorn the trail.

In addition to trees, ferns, and mosses, the Sourland Mountain hiking trail passes through patches of vibrant wildflowers during the warmer months. The lovely blooms of spring ephemerals, such as trilliums, wild ginger, and blue cohosh, attract a plethora of pollinators, adding to the lively atmosphere of the trail. As the seasons change, goldenrods and asters take over, ensuring a continued showcase of colorful flora throughout the summer and into the fall.

Exploring the Sourland Mountain hiking trail immerses us in the breathtaking beauty of nature, as we witness its diverse flora thriving harmoniously in this serene corner of New Jersey. With each step, we come to appreciate the variety and resilience of the plant species that make this hike an unforgettable experience.

One hiker between many treey is hiking

Hiking Tips and Safety Precautions

We know you’re excited to embrace the beauty of the Sourland Mountain Hiking Trail, and we want to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable adventure! Here are some hiking tips and safety precautions to keep in mind when exploring the trails.

First and foremost, outfit yourself with appropriate gear. Comfortable, well-fitting hiking boots will protect your feet from rocky terrain, while moisture-wicking clothing will help regulate your body temperature. Check the weather forecast before you go, and bring the necessary protection for expected conditions – think rain jackets, hats, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Know the layout of Sourland Mountain Preserve before you head out. Familiarize yourself with the trail maps and route options. Bring a physical map or download one to your phone as a backup, just in case you lose GPS signal. Find your challenge level – if you’re a beginner, start with the Orange (Maple Flats) Trail, which covers a shorter distance of 1.4 miles, and work your way up to the Devil’s Half-Acre Trail for a more challenging 5.7-mile hike.

Hydration is vital during any hike, so carry enough water to last your entire journey. Don’t forget to pack energy-rich snacks, like trail mix or energy bars, to fuel your body for the trails ahead.

Always follow the Leave No Trace principles: dispose of waste properly, leave what you find, and minimize campfire impact. Be respectful of wildlife, plants, and other hikers on the trail. If you encounter any animals, maintain a safe distance, and never feed them.

Lastly, let someone know about your hiking plans. Inform a friend or family member of your route and estimated return time. In case of emergencies, having someone aware of your whereabouts can be crucial.

By following these tips and safety precautions, you’ll ensure a pleasant and memorable experience on the Sourland Mountain Hiking Trail. Happy hiking!

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Sourland Mountain History

While exploring the Sourland Mountain hiking trail, it’s always fascinating to learn about the history of the area. In this section, we’ll delve into the geologic and cultural history of Sourland Mountain.

Geologic History

The Sourland Mountain Preserve has a geologic history that spans several hundred million years. The area was formed by volcanic activity and erosion, creating a unique and complex terrain. The Preserve contains a variety of interesting rock formations, including boulders, cliffs, and outcrops, that attract hikers and nature lovers alike.

Cultural History

Sourland Mountain has a rich cultural history as well. It served as a refuge for various groups throughout history, including Native Americans and escaped slaves. In more recent times, the area has been used for farming, logging, and quarrying, leaving behind a legacy of human interaction with the land. Today, we can still see remnants of these activities in the landscape, as well as enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility that the Sourland Mountain hiking trail has to offer.

Hikers walking the trail between big trees

Seasonal Information

Exploring the Sourland Mountain hiking trail is an adventure that can be enjoyed throughout the year. This hiking destination in New Jersey offers unique experiences across different seasons. Here’s what you can expect during each of them:


Winter at Sourland Mountain can be quite magical, with snow-covered trails and frosted trees making it a winter wonderland. Please remember to wear appropriate winter gear and dress in layers to stay warm. Keep in mind that some parts of the trail might be slippery or icy during this season, so take caution and use proper footwear with good traction.

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Spring is an excellent time to visit the Sourland Mountain hiking trail, as the forest comes to life with blooming flowers and fresh green foliage. The sound of birdsong fills the air, and you might spot some wildlife returning to the area. It’s also the perfect season to witness vernal pools, small temporary pools that form after spring rains, offering a unique ecosystem. Remember to pack rain gear and waterproof shoes, as spring showers can be unpredictable.


In the heat of summer, the Sourland Mountain hiking trail offers a shady respite from the sun, with dense tree canopies providing plenty of shade. Warm temperatures make it ideal for a leisurely hike, and a great time to spot wildlife such as deer or birds hiding amongst the greenery. Remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and insect repellent, as summer hiking can make you prone to dehydration and exposure to sun or bugs.

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Autumn is arguably the most picturesque season to discover the Sourland Mountain hiking trail, as the vibrant colors of fall foliage create a breathtaking atmosphere. Cooler temperatures make it ideal for a comfortable hike, while the crisp autumn air adds a refreshing touch. Keep an eye out for wildlife preparing for winter, and be prepared for chillier mornings or shorter daylight hours as the season progresses.

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Accessibility Information

The Sourland Mountain hiking trail is a fantastic pathway to inner peace and a great way for us to explore the beautiful outdoors. As we embark on this journey, let’s discuss some important accessibility information for this trail.

Sourland Mountain Preserve offers a variety of recreational activities such as climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and of course, hiking. The trail covers diverse terrain, including forests, meadows, and rocky formations, providing us with a unique and exciting experience as we traverse its grounds. Several vantage points along the route offer expansive views of the surrounding countryside, making the effort of the hike truly worthwhile.

The main trail at Sourland Mountain Preserve is a wide, flat gravel and dirt service road, making it quite accessible for a variety of users. However, it is important to note that the terrain can be very rocky at times, especially when exploring areas like Devil’s Half Acre and Roaring Rocks. In fact, some of the trails feature a gentle climb to the top of Sourland Mountain, where you can enjoy beautiful views of woodlands and two large boulder fields.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, it is best to come prepared with sturdy footwear and be ready to navigate the rocky terrain. Additionally, stay alert for trail markers indicating different trails and activities (e.g., white square blazes for the Ridge Trail, red circle blazes for the Roaring Brook Trail).

Enjoy your visit to the Sourland Mountain hiking trail and always remember to respect the environment and other visitors as we all experience the beauty of this unique and scenic preserve.

A scenic view of the sourland mountain hiking trail, with a hiker walking along the trail and surrounded by lush green trees and a clear blue sky in the background.

Parking and Directions

Are you excited to explore the beautiful Sourland Mountain hiking trail? We’ve got you covered with all the necessary parking and direction details to help you on your way.

Parking: The main parking area for Sourland Mountain Preserve is at N40.47380° W74.69425°, East Mountain Road, Hillsborough, NJ 08844. This parking lot can accommodate many vehicles, and you’ll likely find fellow hikers and outdoor enthusiasts gearing up for their adventures here too. Keep in mind that there is a portable toilet in the parking lot, but it may be a good idea to bring your own toilet paper, as it sees a lot of use throughout the day. Find the parking location on the park site.

Once you’ve parked your vehicle, there are a few trail options to choose from within the preserve. One of the popular trails is the Devil’s Half-Acre Trail, a 5.7-mile route known for its gorgeous views and varied terrain. To find the trailhead for Devil’s Half-Acre Trail, simply follow the path that starts near the parking lot.

Another great trail option is the Sourland Mountain Trail Loop, a moderate 2.2-mile hike that offers a scenic and enjoyable experience. Go here for a detailed map and directions for this trail.

We hope you have an amazing time exploring the Sourland Mountain hiking trail and wish you a fun, safe, and memorable experience! Remember to follow trail etiquette, stay on marked paths, and pack out what you brought in. Happy hiking!

Our Opinion on the Sourland Mountain Hiking Trail

We recently had the chance to embark on a journey along the Sourland Mountain hiking trail. We wanted to share our thoughts and experiences with fellow nature enthusiasts.

To start, we must admit that aesthetically, the trail isn’t as visually stunning as one might expect from a hike. The trail doesn’t offer many scenic spots, which is true in comparison to other hiking trails we’ve explored. Nevertheless, don’t let this deter you from taking on the challenge.

The trail measures approximately 5.7 miles and is classified as moderately difficult. It features somewhat rocky terrain and a modest ascent, so be prepared for a bit of a workout. The upside of this is that the trail accommodates various outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

The preserve itself is home to a relatively diverse ecosystem, making it suitable for birding and walking. There are 11 trails in total, with maps, reviews, and photos readily available on AllTrails.

All in all, we think the Sourland Mountain hiking trail offers a decent outdoor experience for adventurers who don’t necessarily prioritize stunning views. The moderate challenge and varying activities can make for a fun day outdoors, and connecting with nature is always a rewarding experience.


Exploring the Sourland Mountain hiking trail can be a rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts. In this FAQ section, we’ll answer some popular questions related to the best time to visit, dog regulations, and the history of the preserve.

What is the best time to visit Sourland Mountain Trail?

The Sourland Mountain Trail offers a unique experience during each season. In spring, you’ll witness a burst of flowering plants as nature comes alive. Visiting during the summer months offers tranquility and warm weather, perfect for picnics and bird watching. Meanwhile, autumn brings vibrant foliage and crisp air, making it an ideal time for hiking. Lastly, the snowy landscape in winter transforms the trail into a magical winter wonderland, offering a serene environment for hiking and photography.

Are dogs allowed on Sourland Mountain Trail?

Yes, dogs are welcome on the Sourland Mountain Trail. However, it’s important to keep them on a leash at all times to protect both the local wildlife and other visitors. Moreover, make sure to clean up after your furry friend to maintain the preserve’s cleanliness and natural beauty.

What is the history of Sourland Mountain Preserve?

The Sourland Mountain Preserve, located in the Sourlands region of New Jersey, has a rich and fascinating history that spans several hundred million years. The area holds immense geological, ecological, and cultural significance. Despite its importance, knowledge about the region remained limited until fairly recently.

Thank you for reading about the Sourland Mountain Hiking Trail! We hope this article has inspired you to explore this beautiful destination. Have you visited the trail before? Share your experiences in the comments below! Your Advntur-Team 🙂

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